About me

Brief Background

My name is Karin Spijker. I am the owner of Draw & Digit and specialised in scientific (bio) medical illustration and animation, in both 2D and 3D digital methods. I work for scientific, biomedical and educational publications. After my bachelor in Drawing, Painting and Textile Design at the Teacher Education in Nijmegen I started working at a photographic lab in Weesp and Amsterdam. In my years as a digital photo retouch professional there I produced countless image retouch assignments, anything related to stills. 
In 1995 I turned in my notice and continued with my independent retouch agency, Draw & Digit. Later on my  interest went direction the scientific world. I graduated the Master Scientific Illustration (MSI) in Maastricht in 2012. Afterwards I took an education on 3D Producer for stills and animation at CMM in Amsterdam. At present I am working as a scientific (bio) medical illustrator and animator.

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